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Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

About us

Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co,Ltd is located in Shouguang city of Shandong province in China。 Established in 1970, it is an integrative large-scale chemical enterprise。 As one of the top 100 enterprises in the country, it owns self-support import and export authority。 The group has the following subsidiaries: Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Co。,Ltd。, Shouguang Lianmeng Petrochemical Co。,Ltd。, Shouguang Lianmeng Phosphate & Compound Fertilizer Co。,Ltd。, Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co。Ltd。, Sales Company and Shouguang Lianmeng Chemical Machinery Engineering Co。,Ltd。 etc。... More+


Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co。, Ltd。 Has begun to build its own corporate culture system since its inception。 Along with the development of its material civilization, it has adhered to the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and combined it with the practice of the enterprise, insisting on taking "people-oriented" as the center and core of the corporate culture, thereby gradually determining its orientation and developing in exploration the Lianmeng culture with distinctive characteristics that adapts to the new era。   More+ >

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